Are You Hungry Dear? – by Doris Roberts (2003)

Are You Hungry Dear

One of our family’s all-time favorite television shows is “Everybody Loves Raymond”. The ABC comedy kicked off in September of 1996, and finished in May of 2005. Like “All In The Family”, “I Love Lucy”, “Friends”, and “Taxi”, the show was recorded before a live audience, so the laughing you hear is real. The show featured the Barone family – Ray the sports writer, his stay-at-home wife Debra, their three kids, Ray’s melancholy brother Robert, his sarcastic father and nosy mother Marie, who live across the street.

It’s all about family dynamics, how people clash with the ones closest to them and how they straighten things out. No matter how much your family drives you crazy, they are still family, and love wins. The stories are told in such a hilarious way that the viewer cannot help but laugh.

About the time that the show wrapped up, Doris Roberts, the actress that played the part of Marie, published her autobiography. In real life, Doris was just as passionate about watching over her family and trying to protect them from dangers as her tv character, Marie. That is why she was able to play the part so perfectly. But unlike Marie, she didn’t stay home much. She was a working mom with an astonishing amount of accomplishments in the acting world  before joining the cast of “Everybody Loves Raymond”. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the real life of Doris Roberts. Now, when I watch an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, I will appreciate her acting ability even more.

By the way, if you have never seen this tv show, you can still watch it on the TV Land or TBS channels. It doesn’t seem to be available for streaming through Netflix or Hulu. You can buy seasons of the show on DVD, or individual episodes to download. Many public libraries have it available to check out. Whatever way you find it, this is a show that you really should at least sample. And Doris Roberts is a huge reason that it is worth your time.

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