The Death Of DVD Burners

CD DVD player

Where have all the DVD burners in computers and laptops gone? Over the past few years, they have all but disappeared from the scene, leaving people to either a) buy an external burning device, or b) custom-order a desktop computer with a DVD drive. People are being told they no longer need an optical drive (CD/DVD burner). For movies or tv shows, they can watch Netflix or Hulu on their televisions, laptops, or smart phones. If they want to save a document that they’ve typed up, instead of saving it on their computer or saving it to a disc or flash drive, they can just store it in Google Docs or some other online storage system. To listen to music, they can sign in online to Pandora or their iTunes account and stream their favorite music. And as for saving those digital files of their family pictures, why, just send them to Drop-box or another cloud storage service. The internet will take care of everything for you!

But there are some people who prefer to remain in control of their own music, audiobooks, movies, documents, and family pictures. Some of us want to be able to play music, watch a movie, or look at family photos without connecting to the internet. Granted, optical drives can malfunction or break down. But people need to consider that internet services also go out. Nothing is a sure thing. We have had a record number of days this winter when the internet went down for hours at a time, once for twelve hours. If you happen to need access to a document or your photos, and the internet is down, you are out of luck. In addition, you are giving up your privacy to a website that could have a security breach. My take-away is this:

Never be dependent on the internet and some online company to hold onto something that you own! Make your own back-ups, and be responsible for the precious things you own, especially things having to do with your family and all your important paperwork.

Author: alwaysreading1

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