Take-Aways From The Winter Storm


It’s day four of the winter storm that’s affected most of the country. In our neck of the woods, most places are still closed – schools, doctors’ offices, city offices, some courts, the unemployment office, and many businesses. The utility company that services most of our state declared an emergency yesterday and asked everyone to voluntarily turn down our thermostats to 65, despite temperatures of below zero.

By tomorrow, things should start getting back to normal, although some schools are just going to stay closed tomorrow as well. Thinking about the past few days, I have some take-away from the experience:

Preparation before the storm is everything!

1 – Get those groceries (at least a week’s worth) before the bad weather starts. You don’t want to have to chose between the risk of getting into an accident running to the store, or surviving on things like macaroni and cheese.

2 – Fill up your gas tank before the bad weather starts. If you’re one of those unfortunate people who still have to go to work, and you get stuck in a snowdrift or ditch, you can at least keep the car running and stay warm.

3 – Find those wool sweaters in the back of your closet. They’ll keep you warm if your furnace can’t keep up with the cold.

4 – Make sure your cell-phone is charged up. If the electricity goes out, you won’t have a way to re-charge and keep up with the weather situation.

5 – Download some e-books, e-audiobooks, or movies from your local library’s website to your computer/electronic reader. If your internet goes out, you’ll still have something to entertain yourself with. If you don’t have internet, look around the house for DVD’s you haven’t watched in awhile, or an unread book.

6 – Keep up with your laundry and dishes. If the power goes out, at least you’ll have clean things to wear and eat off. (Okay, this one isn’t actually necessary, but I like it.)

If you’re ready for a storm, you can ride it out in relative comfort and contemplation.

Author: alwaysreading1

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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