Wrapping Up The Old Year

Goodbye 2018

It’s lunchtime on New Year’s Eve day, and I spent the morning wrapping up 2018. It feels good to be saying goodbye to the old year with things in order. I spent the morning doing the mundane things – washed dishes, caught up on laundry, sanitized bathrooms, de-gunked the humidifier, etc. Then I made oatmeal bread and some homemade applesauce for supper. The aroma of yeast, cinnamon, and warm apples is all through the house!

Then I checked our family budget spreadsheet to make sure that all expenses had been marked down for December. They had, so I got the final tally on what we spent for the month. Yipes, it was a costly year! We had some unplanned bills, like the water heater that burst without warning, and some car repairs. And then there was the monstrous cost of replacing all the windows in the house and the glass sliding doors. They had been  damaged years ago by straight-line winds. We had put off replacing them because of the mountainous cost. But by last winter the drafts in the house were getting so bad that we knew it was time to shell out the money to get decent windows.

So… we will enter the new year financially depleted, but with all bills paid and not a penny owed on credit cards. Our hearts are thankful to God for continually providing what we need. I’m ready to step into a brand-new year!

Author: alwaysreading1

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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