Gone Feral -by Novella Carpenter (2014)

Gone Feral

Novella, the author, grew up in a most unusual household. Her parents were hippie lovebirds who shunned modern conveniences and grew their own food. But after having two daughters, things changed. Novella’s mother was tired of the back-to-nature lifestyle, and just wanted a normal bathroom and a washing machine. But Novella’s father, George, loved being out in nature, cutting down trees, fishing, and being away from people. One day he simply walked out of their lives and never returned. So Novella and her sister grew up knowing almost nothing about their father.

The bulk of the story is about Novella trying to find her father and build a relationship with him. This proved to be a difficult and frustrating venture, as George did not appear to want to be found. His behavior was bizarre and suggested either post-traumatic-stress disorder or some sort of psychological condition.

I loved Novella’s perseverance in seeking out her father and attempting to build a relationship. Most people would have given up. Although George never really let her get close, it was probably about as good a father-daughter relationship as they would ever have. She made the effort to love her dad, and it brought peace and forgiveness into her heart. The take-away from this book? Family is family, no matter how crazy they are!

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