Animal Testing: Lifesaving Research Vs. Animal Welfare – by Lois Sepahban (2015)

animal testing

Lois Sepahban is an author who primarily writes books for students about various science and history topics. They tend to be short books, often 32 pages. The books are written simply enough that almost anyone can understand them, and are a good starting point for many subjects.

This title caught my eye simply because it’s not something we think about very often. The medications, vaccines, and cosmetics we use without thinking are all available to us because they were were first tested on animals for safety. Half of the book points out the positives of using animals in lab testing, the other half of the book points out the negatives of using animals in lab testing. It leaves the reader to form their own opinion, and move on to more detailed research on the subject if they want.

After the Great Flood, which is recorded in the Bible, God told Noah that it was okay to eat meat as well as plants. “Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.”  Genesis 9:3, NIV version

But holding animals captive for the purpose of running tests is a different subject, one there is not a specific answer to in the Bible. Perhaps the most thoughtful statement in the book was: “Scientists argue that animals are close enough to humans for experiments to work. But if so, then perhaps they are close enough to humans for animal experiments to be unethical.”

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