The Power of a $20 Bill

20 dollar bill

On Saturday, someone gave me a $20 bill because they appreciated something I had done for them. I said it was unnecessary, they insisted, so I accepted it. Less than an hour later, I stopped at the local library to pick up a few holds that had come in. Turns out the library was having a used book sale, which is irresistible to a person such as myself.

In the space of about ten minutes, I had a stack of items to buy – nine non-fiction books, two biographies, ten fiction books, four classic science-fiction magazines, and four DVDs. All were in excellent condition.  The total cost – $19.50!

Later in the day I sat down to analyze the value of the book sale purchases. Most of them had the price either on the dust cover or on the book itself. Amazon’s website supplied the prices for the few that did not have the price posted. Here’s what I found:

Non-fiction books:      $139.42
Biographies:                     35.95
Fiction:                            176.91
Magazines:                         6.75
DVDs:                                 37.41
Total original value:  $396.44

That is approximately a 95% off sale! So if buying books new at the bookstore is out of your budget range, keep your eye out for library book-sales. You just never know what you might find for $20 or under.

Author: alwaysreading1

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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