The Library At The Edge Of The World – by Felicity Hayes-McCoy (2017)

The Library At The Edge Of The World

I absolutely loved the cover of this book! The librarian with a book in her hand, overlooking the cliffs along the ocean in Ireland, is the perfect picture for this novel. So I started reading. But the novel seemed to be more about the main character’s feelings about being cheated on by her husband years ago, missing her grown daughter, and hating living in her mother’s back bedroom than about a library. I made it about half-way through the book before giving up on the story.

Hannah Casey is an unhappy, dissatisfied character. She decides she can’t stand living with her mom anymore, and decided to renovate the cottage she inherited from an aunt many years ago. This made me wonder why she hadn’t moved into the cottage years ago, instead of living with her mom all these years. The story didn’t make much sense. Also, I  really didn’t like the way she treated her library patrons, her library clerk, the contractor who was renovating her cottage, or her long-suffering mother. For a main character of a novel, Hannah is quite the unlikeable character. Perhaps if the storyline about the library and the cottage had moved along a little quicker, I could have kept going with the book. But sadly I did not make it to the end of this book, and must give it a thumbs-down.

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