Lord Foulgrin’s Letters – by Randy Alcorn (2000)

Lord Foulgrin's Letters

Randy Alcorn has written some outstanding Christian fiction over the years. My favorites are “Deadline”, published in 1994, and “Safely Home” in 2001.  His characters were well-developed, and easy to relate to. Mr. Alcorn has also written a number of non-fiction books. Most of his books, both fiction and non-fiction, include themes about heaven, hell, and unseen spirit beings (angels and demons).


Of all his books that I have read, this one seems to have the most emphasis on demons and spiritual warfare on this earth.

Lord Foulgrin is the name of the fallen angel/demon who writes letters to an underling, advising him how best to get humans to never become Christians. Or if they are already Christians, he shares ways to tempt them into sin and lead them away from their faith. The storyline moves back and forth between the daily life of Jordan Fletcher on earth, and Lord Foulgrin’s rantings and ravings.  This book is basically a more modern version of C.S. Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters”.

I did enjoy the storylines about Jordan and his family. They seemed like an typical family struggling with things common to the American culture. But the overly-long monologues by Lord Foulgrin quickly became repetitious. They were just the same thing over and over. I think the scenes with Foulgrin could have been cut in half, and would have been more effective. Sometimes when you sound like a broken record, you lose your audience. But in spite of the repetitiveness, it was still a very sound spiritual novel.

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