The Good, The Bad, And The Grace Of God – by Jep and Jessica Robertson (2015)

The Good The Bad The Grace Of God

If you’ve ever watched “Duck Dynasty” on tv, you probably remember Jep Robertson as the baby brother of the family. While the older brothers Willie and Jase are outspoken and constantly interacting with each other, Jep is often absent or quietly sitting on the sidelines.

This book is the story of Jep and his wife Jessica.

The two had a lot in common. Both were very close to their families, both loved hunting and the outdoors, but both had impulsive tendencies that got them into trouble as young adults. Thanks to their families and the grace of God, they chose to turn their lives around. Both Jep and Jessica became followers of Jesus – Christians. But this new commitment to live for Jesus didn’t automatically make their lives trouble-free. They rushed into marriage at a too-young age, and soon started having children. By the time they were married for eight years, they had four children. Things were great and disastrous by turns.

What I loved about this book was the way their family loved them, surrounded them, and never gave up on them. The love of Jesus showed in the way they worked with the young couple. Toward the end of the story, things started going better financially as the family was given the “Duck Dynasty” television show. But I love what Jessica said in conclusion: “Fame is fleeting, but family is forever.” (pg. 200) Well spoken!

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