The Final Day – by John Forstchen (2017)

The Final Day

(This book is the last in a trilogy)

It’s been about two years now since “The Day”. The day that some unknown country unleashed a massive EMP (electromagnetic pulse) on the United States, frying every modern electronic device. With no heat, lighting, electricity, or communication,  and every car built after 1970 inoperable, the country was crashed back into 1800s life.

Unfortunately, very few people had any idea how to survive without the conveniences of the 1900s. Large amounts of people died of sickness, disease, extreme cold, or lack of food.

But a remnant of people who were able to learn the basics have survived in the little community of Black Mountain, North Carolina. John Matherson, the main character from the first two books, is their community leader. In addition to surviving the elements, they have had to survive attacks from other communities and a hostile group claiming to be the government.

Now things are looking up, as they have some limited electricity, a mill, and primitive phone service. But as often happens, a messenger from far away brings word that threatens to undo all their hard work, and plunge them back into the dark times.

This is a fantastic look at what could actually happen in the situation of an EMP attack. The author said he wrote the books with the hope that our government would take serious steps to prevent the chaos and devastation pictured in this novel.

1st book: One Second After

2nd book: One Year After

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