Island, Book One: Shipwreck – by Gordon Korman (2007)

Island book 1

It’s the tale of six teenagers setting sail for a month-long voyage on the Pacific Ocean. Each one is there for a different reason. Will and Lyssa have such severe sibling rivalry that they physically attack each other. JJ is the the son of a rich Hollywood director, and his impulsive behavior keeps getting him in trouble. Luke was given the choice of juvenile hall or this trip after a gun was planted in his school locker. Ian’s parents want to cure him of his obsession with watching television. And Charla’s parents think it will be a change of pace for her after experiencing burnout from too many high school sports.

The journey begins with getting used to the responsibilities of life at sea. It’s hard work, but one by one the teens adjust to the routine. Then an unexpected storm strikes, and all aboard find themselves hanging on for dear life, and bailing salt water. The boat begins to break up and sink, but the six manage to hang on to floating debris and eventually drift to an island.

I liked the eclectic-ness of the kids in the story. Each one had a unique personality, and his or her own battle. The theme of fighting their particular weakness fit perfectly with fighting the storm on the ocean. As soon as I got to the end of this book, I wanted to jump right into the second book to see how the six would deal with their situation.

Review of book two in the trilogy:

Review of book three in the trilogy:

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