Runaway Ralph – by Beverly Cleary (1970)

Runaway Ralph

What’s a mouse like Ralph to do when he’s fed up with his family? His uncle is always trying to get him to stay safely inside the walls of the motel room they live in, but Ralph wants to roam the halls on his cool motorcycle. His cousins are constantly around, pestering him when he wants to be alone. His mother makes him give each of the whiny cousins a ride on his motorcycle. There’s a big world out there that Ralph wants to explore, but everyone in his family is holding him back. One day he decides he’s grown-up enough for adventure, and runs off to the Happy Acres Camp down the road. But once he gets there, Ralph is surprised to find that life there is not as fun as he thought it would be.

I’m reading this book to my grandson, a chapter each time he’s over. The story-line is simple, so you can read a chapter, put it away for a week, then pick it up again with no problem. It only has 9 chapters in it, so it’s not overly long. Each chapter has one or two pictures sketched by the author, which are fun to look at. This is a great book for kids and adults to enjoy together!

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