Buddy: How A Rooster Made Me A Family Man – by Brian McGrory (2012)


What happens when you join together a newspaper journalist who has always loved big-city life, with a veterinarian who has two daughters plus pets, and wants to leave the big city? You get a blended family living halfway between the city and the country, in a suburban house with a strange mix of animals. Brian, the journalist, is a die-hard dog guy who had an incredibly close relationship with his old dog Harry. Pam and her girls have an expanded love of animals, including a rooster named Buddy. Everyone loves Buddy – everyone but Brian. And Buddy feels the same way about Brian.

I suspect that life with a rooster is much more enjoyable to read about than to actually experience. Buddy’s habits and attempts at attention often had me laughing. But the descriptions of the messes he left everywhere created a vivid picture in my mind of a never-ending cleaning job. It takes a special kind of a family to raise and love a rooster. But in the end, Buddy brought his little suburban family closer together, and indeed left his stamp on the world.

Author: alwaysreading1

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