Something To Not Read

While clearing out a bunch of e-mails this morning, I clicked on the spam folder to empty its contents. I was surprised to see some e-mails from people I know. Well, not really from them. There were three supposedly from my brother, one from a sister-in-law, and one from an acquaintance I have never e-mailed. It was obvious from the first glance that they were spam, since the extension of their names went something like: Each e-mail had a link that they wanted the reader to click on. (Sigh. Do people honestly still fall for these spammy messages?)

Then there was a ridiculous spam message from some “Deputy Governor” asking me to confirm my name, telephone number and address – plus $10.7 million dollars! This one was so obvious that Google put a warning across the top of it in red. If you’ve never gotten one of these junk e-mails, here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

spam 7 Africa

But the most disturbing one was the one that pretending to be from my health insurance that wanted to show me how to change the password for my online medical account. I have to say, that one actually looked pretty authentic. Maybe it was legit, maybe not. But it was from a health system that I am not even a part of!

It’s spam like this that makes me want to just walk away from e-mail entirely.



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