The Season Of Thankfulness, Day 5

wood burning stove
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It’s early morning, and the outdoors is a crisp 32 degrees. I roll out of bed, push a button on the thermostat, and presto – instant heat. I go to the kitchen, and within 5 minutes my percolator produces a steaming mug of coffee. Soon I will hop into a pleasantly-hot shower. All these things are made possible by the fact that we have natural gas piped into our home, which runs our furnace, our stove and our water heater.

I could have been born in a totally different time. A time when you woke to an ice-cold house, and had to burn actual wood to warm the house, cook your food, and take your weekly bath. Once winter set in, you were constantly bundled up, and you stayed close to your stove.

Some people love to talk about “the good old days”, but I am very thankful to be living when I’m living, and to have a well-heated home.

(For a good description of the difficulties of keeping up an old-fashioned stove, check out this story:

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