Multiple Bles8ings – by Jon & Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson (2008)

Multiple Bles8ings

You’ve seen the pictures on the covers of tabloid magazines in grocery aisles. The famous couple with the twins and sextuplets. The family that had their own tv show for awhile. Due to the busyness of life, I never watched a single episode of the tv show, nor did I read any of the articles about Jon and Kate in magazines. But when I saw the audio-book in a library book sale for a mere dollar, I bought it.

Despite the way everything ended, this truly is an amazing story. Jon and Kate were a young married couple who were deeply in love and just wanted to have a few kids. When nothing happened they turned to an infertility specialist, as so many other couples have done. They successful conceived, and Kate gave birth to healthy twin girls. Perhaps they should have stopped at that point, but Kate wanted just one more child. Fertility drugs once again helped her get pregnant, but this time she found herself carrying sextuplets – 6 babies!

The book details the agonizing and difficult pregnancy, the emotional strain on both parents, and the tremendous financial situation they found themselves in. As I listened to the story, I was awed at the way God took care of them. Every time there was a need, He faithfully provided for them. Unfortunately, not long after the book was published, Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce. What a sad ending to a blessing-filled story.

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