The Room – by Jonas Karlsson (2015)

The Room

Chances are, if you’ve worked at a job anywhere, you’ve encountered that odd co-worker who is out of sync with the rest of the staff. The person who doesn’t do things the same way, can’t fit into a conversation around the water cooler, and doesn’t associate with anyone on staff after work.

Bjorn, the main character in this book, is the odd person. He is meticulous in everything. His perfectionist leanings irritate the people around him. Bjorn is also obsessive-compulsive. He has a precise way he wants to work, and gets very tense when there is any deviation from the norm.  One day Bjorn finds a special room that no one else seems to know about, a quiet office in perfect order. This is where Bjorn is able to concentrate and do his best work. The problem? Neither his boss nor the other workers can see this room. They say Bjorn is just standing in the hallway, staring at a section of wall.

When does a person cross the line between merely odd and totally delusional? This book really made me think about the “different” people we encounter in our everyday life. How do we treat them? We can choose to ridicule and belittle them. Or we can treat them with courtesy and dignity, and try to understand how they are seeing the world, even if we don’t agree. The choice is ours.


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