Just Scratching The Surface Of Artprize…

Tomorrow is the last day for the public to vote in the first round of Artprize. Although I have only scratched the surface of Artprize, 35 entries impressed me enough to get me to cast a vote for them. (Each person is allowed to vote for as many or as few as they want, until tomorrow at 11:59 pm.) Here are pictures of some of my favorites:

2017-09-27 Artprize The Orchid Tree
“The Orchid Tree” by Dale Cote

Its wood comes from the branches of five different trees. The flowers are made from metal soda cans that the artist cut, painted, and attached to the branches! Mr. Cote spent about four years making this masterpiece, but unfortunately he passed away about a month before Artprize began.


2017-09-27 ArtprizeMotor Bot And His SpRe Parts Buddies
“Motor Bot And His Spare Parts Buddies” by Anthony Lazar

This artist was born just a few blocks from the sidewalk he had his display on, and is a homeless artist who makes metal creatures out of discarded metal from cars, bikes, pipes, etc. Some of his pieces are actually stands to rest a Kindle or iPad on. (He sells these for $50 if you’re interested in purchasing one.)


2017-09-25 Artprize Early January On The Pearl Street Bridge
“Early January On The Pearl Street Bridge” by Melodee Jackson
Porcelain stoneware with a local bridge scene.


2017-09-27 Artprize Close To Family Jonathan
“Close To Home” by Jonathan D. Lopez

The artist created a tiny house inside an actual post office box, for a family of clay mice. There’s the mama cooking supper, papa supervising the young-uns, and grandpa giving advise. The detail of the facial expressions, the hardwood floor, the brick wall, and household appliances is amazing! It reminds me that no matter how small your dwelling is, if you’re with the ones you love, you are truly home.


2017-09-27 Artprize Food Fight
“Food Fight” by H.J. Slider

This is a scene made from wooden shoe molds, cooking utensils, and other wooden objects, representing people of all ages and groups looking for food.


2017-09-27 Artprize Jesus Wifes My Tears
“Jesus Wipes My Tears” by Tracy May Fouts


2017-09-27 Artprize Connection
“Connection” by Bruce Koster

A picnic table and benches made from a treasured tree.


2017-09-27 Artprize Whimsical Reef
“Whimsical Reef” by Pam Jernigan

Aquatic scene using shells and various fabrics that has a 3-D feel about it.


2017-09-25 Artprize Music Box
“Music Box” by Dihan Mao

No, this is not an actual casket, but a very unique music box (note the handle crank on the end).


Artprize Seeds Of Change by Ben Graham
“Seeds Of Change” by Ben Graham
Photo credit: http://www.artprize.org/65737

The artist began with the word “WAR” clearly in the grass, but as he offered seed to each person that visited the venue, and they sprinkled it on the bare ground, grass quickly grew, making the ugliness of war fade away.


Just a few of the many fantastic things I saw at Artprize.




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