Handbag Make-Over

handbag conversion 1

What do you do with a handbag that isn’t quite right? Instead of letting it languish in a closet or tossing it in the trash, try modifying it to suit you. Like the one above. On the back side of it, there is a roomy compartment.

handbag conversion 2

It looks to be just the right size for my Kindle Fire. But when you open up the compartment, this is what you see:

handbag conversion 3

Just a lot of useless sub-compartments. A zippered pouch for cosmetics (I take care of that at home, thank you). Slots for about a dozen credit cards (no one should be carrying around that many credit cards!). A space for a pack of cigarettes (nope, don’t use the smelly things). A slot with a clear window, presumably for a cell phone? And lastly, a place for a check book. Really – a check book? I haven’t toted around checks in years!

handbag conversion 4

If you don’t own a seam-ripper (the red-handled device in above picture), pick one up at Walmart; they are extremely handy. I carefully picked away at the stitches holding all those extra pouches in place, until it looked like this:

handbag conversion 5

After wiping away all the broken threads, I put my Kindle (which is covered by a very battered, wornout-looking cover), in the the pouch. Perfect fit!

handbag conversion 6

The next time you’re tempted to toss something out because it’s not quite right, consider giving it a re-do instead.


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