Simple Is Best

Yesterday two things happened to re-confirm what I have long felt: the simpler, the better. We awoke to hear – and feel – our furnace fan blowing. Continuously. The heater was not running (it is summer, after all), and it’s not hot enough to run the central air conditioning. After trying everything with the thermostat, we called a repair service.

Repair guy arrived and found several things wrong. First off, we had the wrong type of air filter in the furnace, he said. I was surprised, as it was supposed to be one of the best kind, filtering out all types of allergy particles and more:

furnace air filter

Repair guy said they work so hard to filter out everything that they keep the air from moving through freely, and so over-tax your furnace! He suggested we toss this one in the trash, and get the cheapest, simplest filter we could find. Then he opened up our thermostat and found a faulty relay wire in the new computerized thermostat that was only three months old. The faulty part was sending the message to the furnace fan to run continually, which would eventually have ruined the motor in the fan. So repair guy put in a very simple thermostat with no special settings or scheduling programs – just off, cool, or heat.

The second thing that happened yesterday was a frantic call from my mother, saying that her electric lift armchair had abruptly stopped working. There is no manual override lever to put down the footrest, just what looks like a remote control gizmo on a cord. She pushes a button to recline, a button to tilt the whole chair to help her stand, a button for everything. But yesterday it just decided to stop working, leaving her stuck in a chair that looked like this:

electric lift recliner

The repair service from the place she bought the chair came out this morning, was unable to pinpoint the problem, and hauled it away to be examined elsewhere.  They left her a loaner chair. I should mention that this computerized chair my mother has is not even a year old!

Enough said.

Simple is best.


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