59% Really Okay With This?

BBC news


Yesterday I read an article on the BBC’s website about the first company in the U.S. that is in the process of putting RFID chips in their employees’ hands, and shared my thoughts on the topic:
Today I noticed the same story on the front page of a local news website, WOODtv.com. WOOD offered a survey to see how people in our area felt about being chipped at work. A whopping 94.19% said they would have concerns about it, while only 5.81% said they would do it! (See screenshot below.) This is a sharp contrast from the company in the BBC article, in which 59% of the employees were willing to be chipped.


WOOD-tv survey b


I’m pretty sure that there’s something we’re not being told in the BBC article. Either a) the employees have been promised a bonus, b) they think it will lead to advancement in the company, or c) they are just plain crazy.


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