The Silent Sister – by Diane Chamberlain (2014)

The Silent Sister

Riley was only two years old when her older sister Lisa committed suicide. Riley’s brother Danny can remember her a little bit, but Riley has no memory of her at all. Their family was forever changed by Lisa’s death. Their mother suffered from depression and died young. As the story begins, their father has just died as well, leaving Danny and Riley as the only survivors of the family.

Danny is dealing with his own psychological issues, so it is up to Riley to make sure all financial obligations are met, sort through her father’s possessions, and put the house up for sale. As she works on it, she becomes increasingly sad that she never knew much about her older sister – her “silent sister”. An old family friend, Jeannie, and her daughter Christine help Riley work on sorting through everything. As they do so, Riley begins to have her suspicions that not everything she was told about Lisa is true.

Although not every turn in the book was a surprise, there was enough suspense to keep me turning the pages and reading almost non-stop for a day. “The Silent Sister” was a totally engaging novel.

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