A Different Kind Of Park

2017-06-20 Prairie Wolf Park Tree growing almost sideways panoramis

What’s your definition of a park? A playground with lots of swings and slides for the kids, and one of those merry-go-rounds that makes you sick? Picnic shelters with lots of tables, and some grills to roast hotdogs on? A place with curving cement sidewalks to roller-blade on?

I visited a very different kind of park today. It was the outdoors in its natural condition, unchanged by manicured landscaping, pesticides, herbicides, or play equipment. It was just… nature. There were several asphalt walkways near the entrance to the park, but then it changed into paths made by a lawn mower. It was like stepping back in time to what Michigan looked like before it became civilized. There were huge fields of wildflowers with butterflies and grasshoppers and bugs.

2017-06-20 Prairie Wolf Park Black-eyed Susans Daisis panoramic

From sunny open fields, the path veered off into wooded areas with a variety of trees. Occasionally a tree would have a sign by it for identification:

2017-06-20 Prairie Wolf Park Black Cherry Tree

We passed a green scuzzy pond that looked like something out of a fantasy tale.

2017-06-20 Prairie Wolf Park green scum pool

Most of the park was in its natural state, with the exception of the occasional bench to sit and rest on, and the unusual sight of some stone blocks in the distance.

2017-06-20 Prairie Wolf Park Strange Block Formation panoramic

We hiked up the hill, through lumpy ground riddled with mole holes, but found no answer to the question of the stone blocks.

2017-06-20 Prairie Wolf Park Daisies and wildflowers

So we continued on, past prairie grasses nearly as tall as we were, trees whose branches grew almost sideways, and stagnant water pools with frogs and crickets. Then back to the car, back to traffic and noise, back to present day.

2017-06-20 Prairie Wolf Park Tall grass field panoramic










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