When The Water Heater Goes

2017-06-08 water heater leaking along seam

Today was the day our 19-year-old water heater decided to retire. I had lugged the dirty laundry down to the basement, and noticed the water on the floor. I called the gas company, as we have a service contract with them that covers our natural gas furnace and water heater. They said the soonest they  could have someone out to look at it was tomorrow.

2017-06-08 Herm examines water heater seams

Then my husband came home, unwrapped the insulation wrap from the water heater, and could plainly see the water sliding out the seams of the metal. This is not fixable, he said. We called the gas company back, and they said they didn’t actually install new water heaters, just diagnose problems and do repairs. (So this service contract isn’t really much good, is it?)

2017-06-08 Water heater warrantee and energyguide

I looked at the warrantee; it had expired nine years ago. The energy-efficiency tag was also in the basement, showing our water heater to be, well, not very efficient. Considering that it was a budget model the builder installed before we bought the house, it actually did pretty good.

A local hardware and plumbing store I called said it normally takes about two weeks to schedule a water heater replacement, but since ours was leaking water onto the floor, they would squeeze us into tomorrow’s schedule.  Hooray! They’ll disconnect the old one, get the city building permit, install a replacement that meets the current housing code regulations, and haul the old leaky one away. But until that happens, no hot showers or warm hand-washings. And the trusty tornado mop will stay nearby.

2017-06-08 leaky water heater mop fire extinguisher

I’m thankful for things like washing machines and water heaters. No way do I want to go natural, AKA, back to the “good ole days”. Things like leaky water heaters remind me that we are blessed in a hundred little ways every day.

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