2017-05-23 eye doctor waiting room

Endings are part of life that I’d rather do without. Like when our dear eye doctor, who has taken care of our eyes, our sons’ eyes, and our grand-kids’ eyes, announced he was retiring, after talking about it for several years. He’s been an eye doctor for over 40 years, but because of his dedication to his patients, kept going longer than intended. But the time has finally come. Patient records have already been transferred to another office with doctors he has known for years. The “for sale” sign is out front, and he is only in the office for people to pick up their orders of eyeglasses or contacts.

I felt the need to have my glasses adjusted one last time. As I walked into the waiting room where I’d sat so many times with wiggly kids, I noticed that the same books and magazines from years ago were under the coffee tables (Uncle Arthur stories and Highlight magazines), as well as the handmade wooden puzzles that our boys loved. Doctor V greeted me in his usual cheerful manner, and as he adjusted the glasses told me about his retirement. I had brought some fresh bagels and cream cheese for him, a too-small gift for his years of excellent care. After laughing and reminiscing for a bit, I left and went home.

That’s not the only ending. A few days ago we helped our son move out of our place, as he is recovered from the most recent surgery he had. There will be one more surgery at some point in time, but that is a ways off in the future. Then there is the end of the school year coming up. The morning shuttle of grand-kids to school, as well as time volunteering in the school library, will end.

Well, there is time and a season for everything, even endings. But for every ending, God sends a beginning.


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