Shame On Fox News

Loretta Lynn rolling stonephoto credit:

It’s a Saturday morning, and I’m browsing the news while trying to unclog my sinuses. One of the news stories is about classic country singer Loretta Lynn having a stroke. It brings back the memory from about ten years ago. We had satellite tv at that point, and I was flipping through channels, trying to find something to watch. That was how I happened upon a very young Loretta Lynn, singing her heart out on the black-and-white Wilburn Brothers Show. So I set the DVR to record other episodes of the show, and sure enough, she sang a song on each show (usually a favorite southern hymn, believe it or not). Now I am not a country music fan by any means, but wow, that lady sings from the heart and I was captivated by her voice.

So I checked a few new media sites this morning to find out how she’s doing after the stroke. Mostly they seemed to say the same thing – ABC, CNN, USA Today, etc. But one news outlet disrespected her tremendously – FoxNews. Here’s a screen shot of what they published:

Loretta Lynn FoxNews

Loretta Lynn, surrounded by lewd pictures of women that have nothing to do with news. For goodness sake, Loretta Lynn is 85 years years. Have a little respect. Would anyone post a picture of their great-grandmother and put a bunch of raunchy pictures around it? I think not. Fox New puts itself forward as a conservative news outlet, but the tales of sexual harassment that keep oozing out are not hard to believe, seeing what they choose to put on their website.

I have nothing but admiration for this hard-working woman who has sung for over six decades. Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for disrespecting her.




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