Jesus Christ And Jim Caviezel


Back in 2004, the movie “The Passion Of The Christ” opened in theaters across the country. Jim Caviezel was the actor who played Jesus. It was the most difficult role he ever played, as the movie tried to be as authentic and accurate as possible in recounting the historic event of Jesus’ crucifixion and the beatings that lead up to it.

Jim was the same age as Jesus in the movie, which was probably a good thing. Anyone older would not have been able to endure the making of this film. “The Passion” took a great physical toll on Jim:
-While filming the Sermon On The Mount, he was struck by lightning.
-In the part where Jesus is being flogged, Jim was accidentally whipped across the back – not just once, but twice. He still has the 14-inch scar on his back.
-At one point, the 150-pound cross was accidentally dropped on him, dislocating his shoulder. (That scene was left in the movie.)
-While filming midwinter in Italy, Jim hung for hours on the cross with nothing on but a loincloth, and suffered hypothermia.
-Toward the end of the crucifixion, Jim began to experience asphyxiation (lack of oxygen) which is what would actually kill the person who was being crucified.
-The extreme stress of making the movie caused heart damage, and Jim had to undergo surgery to repair the damage.

If you think Jim Caviezel is crazy for being willing to play this part, consider this:
Jesus Christ actually went through everything depicted in this movie.  Jesus went through stress so severe that he was sweating out blood. But he did it for love of everyone on the earth. Every sin is paid for, if you ask Jesus to forgive you and be your Savior and the Lord (the boss) of your life.

This is the gift of Good Friday. It’s free to anyone, but you have to accept the gift.


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