In Between – by Jenny B. Jones (2007)

In Between

Katie Parker is in the lowest spot of her life. Her dad has been gone for a long time, and her mom is in prison now. She’s been staying in a temporary housing facility for adolescents, but now is being assigned to a foster family. James and Millie Scott, the foster parents, live in a small town with the ridiculous name of In Between.  The Scotts have bought a decrepit old theater, and are preparing to do the stage play “Romeo And Juliet” in about a month.

Katie doesn’t feel like she fits in, either in the Scott’s household, their church, or the town’s high school. James and Millie, as well as crazy grandma Maxine, do everything they can to help her adjust to life with them. But Katie holds everyone at a distance, figuring that she’s just in between one place and another, so it’s better not to get too close to anyone.

The two things I loved most about this book were Katie’s character, and the wacky grandma Maxine. Katie’s character was spot on for a kid who is without parents; you really felt her sense of alienation from everyone. Maxine was someone who truly tried to understand Katie without being condescending. Even though they were about fifty years apart in age, they developed a unique friendship. This is a great story about overcoming the things in life that drag you down, and building a new life.

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