Building A Home With My Husband – by Rachel Simon (2009)

Building A Home With My Husband

When you start a home improvement project, it is almost guaranteed to become more difficult than first anticipated. This was definitely the case for Hal and Rachel, who decided to totally remodel their century-old row house in Wilmington, Delaware. Hal, being the architect, drew the plans to convert the house from a drafty, inefficient house to one that was modern, well-insulated, and eco-friendly. The couple had to rent another house to live in during the renovation. One thing after another went wrong, and it seemed that the house would never be finished.

But this isn’t just a book about a construction project; it’s a heartfelt story about relationships. Rachel’s complex relationship with her husband Hal. Rachel’s relationship with her mother, who walked away from the family when she was a child. Rachel’s relationship with her sister Beth, who is mentally challenged. Rachel’s relationships with one of the neighbors she becomes close to in their temporary house. The author goes back and forth from the house to the relationships, weaving them together.

I enjoyed this biography so much that I sighed when it came to an end, and they were back in their original house, now much improved. I wanted the story to go on and on, to hear more about Rachel and her mother rebuilding their relationship, about good times with sister Beth, and so on. Fortunately for me, Rachel has written another book, entitled “Riding The Bus With My Sister”, which will be my next book!


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