The Pocket Wife – by Susan Crawford (2015)


This is the second book on the list of personalized recommendations that I got from a librarian at my local library. It’s a suspenseful, psychological mystery.

Dana is a suburban housewife with a shaky marriage, some drinking issues, and bipolar disorder. She also battles anxiety and memory problems. Her only child is grown and has moved away, which has left her lonely and depressed. Sometimes Dana hangs out with her neighbor Celia, a foreign-language high school teacher.

The story begins with Dana waking from a drunken stupor on her couch, and hearing sirens outside. As she staggers outside to see what is happening, she finds out that Celia has been murdered at home. Dana remembers visiting her friend that day, and that they fought about something, but her mind is fuzzy. Mental anguish builds as she begins to suspect that she may have killed her own friend, but she can’t remember committing the crime.

Although the basic story-line is nothing unique, the psychological terror that builds in Dana is what really propels the story along. I do have to say that I figured out “who dunnit” before the murderer was revealed. There was a bit of language in the book, but all in all, it was a fast-paced, interesting read.

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