Hyper – by Timothy Denevi (2014)


Remember that kid in your class at school that just couldn’t sit still, keep his/her hands to themselves, pay attention, or stop getting into trouble with someone on the playground? It was the kid that drove every teacher crazy and exhausted the parents. But have you thought about how it felt to be that kid?

Tim Denevi struggled with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) from the time he was a small boy. As I read his story, I felt sadness that he had such a frustrating and troubled childhood. Tim describes the agony of not being able to interact well with other kids, having fits of anger, going through years of counseling, and trying medication with mixed results. As he got older he switched schools several times, and tried to act like a “normal” kid, but his ADHD always showed itself after a while.

Mixed in with Tim’s story is the history of ADHD, and how doctors have treated it over the years. Over the past hundred years, they have tried psychotherapy, behavior modification, and various medical treatments. By the end of the book, I had concluded that there seems to be no one approach that works for everyone with ADHD. But what was obvious was that Tim was helped majorly by those teachers and individuals who showed love, caring, and patience with him.

It must be very difficult to live your life being observed and analyzed by a host of people who are trying to “fix” you. I am glad that Tim was able to gradually find ways to keep better concentration and control of himself, and have a normal adult life. My admiration and respect goes out to him, and all those others who have overcome the obstacles that ADHD throws at them.


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