Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Old School


It’s the never-ending debate about whether things are better now or were better a generation or two ago. Gregory’s mom is on the rampage to get people to disconnect from their electronic gizmos, and experience a simpler life. The first half of the book is set in Gregory’s house, where there are the usual disagreements between the kids and their parents (and the grandpa who has just moved in with them). The second half of the book covers Gregory’s week at Hardscrabble Farms, a primitive camp for kids to experience life in an earlier time.

My granddaughter started reading parts of this book out loud to me, and before I knew it, I was laughing just as much as her. I especially enjoyed some of the scenes from camp. The cartoon pictures scattered through the book made it even more hilarious. This is a book that is meant to be shared by at least two people, preferably of different generations. Don’t be embarrassed to read a “Wimpy Kid” book!

Excerpt from page 61:
These days you can even get in trouble for taking a picture of yourself. A few months ago we went to brunch after church, and when we left the restaurant, I felt like I might have spinach in my teeth. I wasn’t anywhere near a mirror, so I borrowed Mom’s cell phone to take a picture of myself, just to make sure. FLASH But some lady in front of me thought I was taking a photo of HER, and she wouldn’t let us leave until she looked through the pictures on Mom’s phone to make sure I HADN’T.

Excerpt from page 174:
Back at the cabin later on, we found out Graham had mailed the box to himself before the trip started, and he had hidden all sorts of goodies in with the camping supplies. Luckily, he was willing to share. I never thought I’d eat Doritos out of a hiking boot, but by that point I’d already given up my last shred of dignity.


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