Really – VHS Tapes?


Yesterday I was at my local grocery store when I happened to see this: a spot on the shelf for VHS tapes. Yes, VHS tapes. Maybe someone cleaned out the back room and found them in a forgotten closet. I can’t imagine anyone still buying them, and especially at over $5.00 for a single one! We used to buy them in a 3-pack or 5-pack to tape TV shows, at about $1.00 a tape.

But there must still be folks using them. I went to Amazon’s website and found that they offer them for about $10.00 a tape – yipes.



Ah, the days of popping a VHS tape in with the late-night episode of the 90’s tv show “Sliders”. We looked forward to seeing what Quinn Mallory and his dimension-traveling buddies were up to.

And no one in our family can forget the first time the original “Star Wars” was aired on broadcast TV. We were so excited to tape it.We carefully stopped the recording every time it went to a commercial, and started it again when the movie came back on. The result was a tape that had a second or two of rolling distortion at every commercial break. But it didn’t matter – we could watch “Star Wars” whenever we wanted! Our oldest son was so enamored with it that he took to watching it every day after school. When the rest of the family couldn’t take it anymore, someone “lost” the tape.

So many good memories of those old movies, tv shows and family movies. The kids growing up now will never experience the wonder of the humble VHS tape. So sad…


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