Russian 1950’s Re-Do?

(photo from CNN; US and Polish troops participate in an official welcome event for the US army in Zagan, Poland, on January 14, 2017)

Last night we were all watching France24 news on tv, and they were talking about 4,000 American troops on the ground in Poland. We all gaped at the television screen and asked, why on earth are we in Poland? It seems that we, as a part of NATO, are setting up stations across Europe because Russia is showing signs of aggression and we need to be ready to battle the bully.

I went to bed and slept soundly. As the alarm clock blared, I was right in the middle of a dream where we could see a tornado approaching. There were a bunch of kids playing outside, running and laughing. I tried to get them to go into the tornado shelter, but they just laughed and ignored me. That was the point at which I woke up. Was the tornado Russia?

Are the Russians really trying to take over the world? Do all the nations need to send out their soldiers as a show of force to keep them from invading –  or could this be 1950’s hysteria all over again? I remember the school drills where we hid under our desks, pretending the Russians had dropped the big one on us. It never happened – but it could have (not that hiding under desks would have saved us). It’s time to pray for our leaders – whether we like them or not – that they would have wisdom in trying to de-escalate any situation that could turn violent. The way of peace is always better than the way of war.

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