The Year I Quit Quitting

As long as I can remember, I have been unable to finish crafting projects. It started when I was a kid. Didn’t matter whether it was sewing, knitting, embroidering, or doing a paint-by-number set. I would start, then lose interest or not like the way my project was going, and relegate to it to a forgotten corner or drawer. When I was expecting our first baby, I found a little flannel nightshirt that I had been sewing for my baby brother when I was eight years old!

But 2016 was the year I quit quitting. It started in February, when I was spending weeks in the hospital. Our friend Jennifer said I needed to have something to do with my hands that didn’t require a lot of concentration. She brought a couple potholder looms and a bag of t-shirt fabric loops. There were enough loops to make about 20 potholders, and I used up every last loop. They actually looked decent:


The next thing I tried was making some simple curtains for our bedroom. I found some fabric at our local Salvation Army store, and made some basic light-blocking curtains for about four dollars. (My husband says he sleeps better now.)

Then it was a jean handbag. I made it from old pants donated by my granddaughter and my mom, a butterfly image cut out of an old t-shirt, and one of my flour-sack dishtowels. It took me a couple months to finish, but it did come out looking quite respectable:


Seeing as that project went well, I decided to try making jean cushions for our kitchen chairs. This turned out to be harder than I thought. The foam just didn’t want to go in right, so I had to make them thinner. The cushions were okay, but not as good as the store-bought ones.

My next ambition was to craft a braided rug made from strips of white, orange, and brown bed-sheets. They kept tangling as I tried to braid them. It was a most exasperating experience, but I kept going. Then I started sewing the long braid together, and just couldn’t get it to lay flat. Eventually it began to resemble a bee-hive. Jennifer came by and commiserated with me over the difficulties of making a rug lie flat. In the end, I decided to keep going with the bowed look, and make it into a floor pillow that the grand-kids could flop onto and watch tv. And so it got finished, albeit as something totally different as what was begun.

I am currently working on a quilt with hexagon flowers hand-sewed onto squares of jean fabric salvaged from used pants. Jennifer gave me about 25 sample hexagon flower samples to begin with. They turned out to be so much fun that I’ve now made about 40 more.


Although I don’t have the quilt done yet, I am confident that I will keep sewing until it’s complete. After all, this is the year that I quit quitting.

A million thanks to Jennifer!!!!! Here’s the link to her website, if you want to see the infinite variety of hand-crafted items you can make:

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