Does The Average Person Still Read?

Handsome man sitting and reading in library

from website of Mid-Continent Public Library

Maybe I’m mistaken, but it feels like people are reading less than they did ten or twenty years ago. I decided to google how much reading people do. The Pew Research Center did a great article on reading habits, which told me a lot of facts I didn’t know:

  • 73% of people in the U.S. said they had read at least one book this year. So I guess that means that 27% of people didn’t even manage to read/listen to one book (how sad).
  • Printed books are still more popular than e-books or audiobooks.
  • “Americans read an average (mean) of 12 books per year, while the typical (median) American has read 4 books in the last 12 months.”
  • 28% of Americans read an e-book this year (I thought this would be higher).
  • Women read more books than men.
  • Young adults read more than people over 65 this year.

    To read the whole article, here’s the link:

So I guess people are still reading, but I don’t often hear people talk about their favorite author, or rave about that fantastic book they just finished. That makes me sad, as I love to share books that were really enjoyable or moving. Do you still read?



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