Silent Night


Well, it finally happened yesterday – winter arrived. Less than two weeks ago, I was taking long walks outside with a light jacket, enjoying nature, visiting my favorite place in the woods, and breathing in the crisp fall air.

Then the first storm of the season descended on us. This is what it looked like yesterday about 6:00 am – beautiful snow, glowing streetlight, rabbit tracks, and snow-covered car. Had it stopped here, we would have said, ah how scenic! But by the end of the day we’d shoveled out the driveway not once, but three times because we ended up with about ten inches of snow. Then about bedtime, the city snowplow whipped down our street, and pushed a bunch of packed snow across the end of the driveway as it rushed past. We cleared it out. It snowed more today, so we cleared again, then were treated to another wall of icy snow across the driveway when the snowplow came yet again.

The kids got a “snow day” off from school – great fun for them as they sledded down into the back yard, and dug snow caves in the big pile of snow by the front sidewalk. When their gloves and snow-pants got too wet, and their toes got too cold, they trooped back inside. All the wet duds got draped over chairs over heat vents.

Yeah, there’s nothing quite like that first snow-down of the season…


Author: alwaysreading2014

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