The Christmas Shoes – by Donna Van Liere (2001)


In the frantic rush of shopping just before Christmas, two people have a chance encounter in a crowded store. Young Nathan has just found the perfect gift for his mother who is dying, but doesn’t have enough money to pay the cashier. The man in line behind him – Robert – has all the money a person could want, but his marriage is falling apart. Robert pays for Nathan’s gift, and both of them return to their homes. It seems like a random event, but is it?

The book jumps back in time to reveal what lead up to the situations that Robert and Nathan find themselves in at Christmastime. The story illustrates how a small kindness can start a chain reaction of blessings. Nothing happens in isolation. What we do – whether great or minor –  affects others. This is a perfect short novel to read on a chilly day!

Author: alwaysreading2014

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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