Homeless No More!


photo courtesy of WOOD-TV

About a month ago I wrote about John Foster Bentley, a homeless man in our area. John had build a small shack in the woods near the freeway. The city served him a notice of eviction, and wanted him to pay $200 for a permit to take down his shack. They told him he needed to be out by Thanksgiving. You can read my original post here:


Just before Thanksgiving, John Bentley was given a place to stay through the kindness of Mike Rose, a local business owner with some vacant rental property. The house is a fixer-upper, but Mr. Rose told John he could stay in the house if he would work on fixing it up. Other neighbors invited John to spend Thanksgiving with them, extending the gift of friendship. John summed up his amazement at the turn of events with these words: “The Lord is pulling for me.” Yes He is, John!

Here is a photo of John’s old home in the woods:


And here’s his new home:

John Bentley's new home.png

I wish you well, John. As you said, the Lord is looking out for you, and giving you some opportunities. Don’t forget what God and kind folks have done for you, and start giving back to others. You are on this earth for a reason, and it isn’t just to exist…


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