The Incumbent – by Alton Gansky (2004)


I’ve read a fair number of books by Alton Gansky, and consider him to be one of the better inspirational authors. His J.D. Stanton mystery series was great; the three books had military-based settings with strong characters and suspenseful plots. His Perry Sachs trilogy about archeology and strange phenomena was also very good. Gansky wrote some decent medical suspense novels too. Then there was his unusual stand-alone novel “Enoch”, based on the Biblical character in the book of Genesis, who never died.

I had great expectations when I began reading this book. “The Incumbent” is the first book in a trilogy about Madison “Maddie” Glenn, the female mayor of a small town in California. The book title is a bit misleading, making you think that the book will be about Maddie running for re-election. It is not. Technically, the word incumbent means a person currently in office, but we mostly use the word in reference to an election.

The plot centers on the disappearance of people who were involved with her original campaign. Throughout the story, Maddie is having one emotional crisis after another. She comes across as weak and helpless, not exactly the sort of person you want running a town. I had the culprit figured out long before the end of the book. Alton Gansky is still a fantastic author, but the Madison Glenn trilogy is one you should probably pass on.



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