When It’s All Over…


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What’s your Facebook feed been looking like lately? If it’s anything like mine, it’s filled with friends’ feelings about the upcoming presidential election. In just the last three days, for example, I’ve gotten 18 posts telling me to vote for Hillary, 24 telling me to not vote for her, 23 telling me to vote for Donald, and 17 telling me not to vote for him. There were also 2 posts supporting President Obama, 3 for Ben Carson, and 2 for Bernie Sanders. This probably doesn’t even count the full number, as Facebook only shows some of the things friends post. As we get closer and closer to the election day, people are getting very aggressive in their attempts to persuade others to vote their way.

I have pondered and prayed and agonized over who I should vote for. On election day, I will get up and vote, as I hope you will. There are a lot of races on the ballot this time, not just the presidential one. Take a look at the people running for congress, state house of representatives, school and university boards. Check out the local proposals on the ballot.  If you don’t feel that you can vote for any of the presidential candidates, consider leaving that spot blank and at least voting on the other items on the ballot.

I will not badger you to vote a certain way, or look down on you if you have decided to not vote.  I will not call you stupid or wrong if you come to different conclusions than I do. Anger and quarreling builds walls between us. Only time will tell whether we should have voted for this one or that one. But when the voting is over next Tuesday, don’t you want to still be on speaking terms with the people you really care about?

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