The Lost Art Of Being Able To Spell

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Everyone has been focused on the race for the presidency, but what about the other races on the ballot? If you are like me, you look at the voter guides, and scout out information online. Our community college has three trustee seats up for grabs. So I went to our very helpful m-live website to find out more about the candidates.

While comparing two of them, I noticed that the word “school” had been misspelled. I’m not sure if the candidate typed up the information himself, or an m-live employee. Oh, the irony of having attended two colleges, yet not having the word “school” spelled correctly.  Is proof-reading a thing of the past?

Mr. Wakefield seems like a decent candidate. I appreciate his service in the Coast Guard, his concern for disabled persons, and his focus on making tuition affordable for all. I may even cast a vote for him. No one has perfect grammar and spelling all the time. But please, m-live, at least run your articles through spell-check before posting them.


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