Cell – by Robin Cook (2014)


There’s a phone app for just about anything you want these days. In this novel, an app called i-doc has been invented. A select group of patients is testing it. The cell phone constantly monitors their vital signs, reminds them to take their medicine, answers their medical questions 24 hours a day, and calms them down if they become too excited. It even administers their medications, which are stored in implanted abdominal pumps. Who needs a human doctor when you have i-doc?

But i-doc turns out to be less than perfect as time goes on, and the main character, George Wilson, becomes convinced that the app is actually killing people. Most of the book is spent with George frantically trying to get someone to believe him. There was not a lot of suspense in this novel, as it was obvious where the story-line was going. However, it didn’t seem too far removed from reality, as we already have phone apps that do a lot of monitoring and recording. Modern technology is ready to launch something like i-doc. But just because we have the capability to do something, it doesn’t mean we should do it. Human beings may be flawed, but I’ll still take my chances with a flesh-and-blood doctor over a phone app.


Author: alwaysreading2014

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