Relief Map – by Rosalie Knecht (2016)


The little town of Lomath, Pennsylvania almost doesn’t exist. It’s so tiny it doesn’t even show up on maps, since it’s just a couple of roads that were originally built for workers of a now-defunct industry. Everyone has to go to the next town for school, work, and just about everything else. This is the only home sixteen-year-old Livy has ever known.

One day the phone lines and electricity are cut off without warning, and the three exits from town barricaded. An international fugitive is believed to be hiding in their area, and the FBI, along with state and local police, are determined to seal up Lomath until they find their man. As the days stretch out, the residents become more and more distraught. Livy begins to make one bad decision after another with her best friend Nelson. She tries to hide the truth from her parents, but the truth has a way of being revealed. By the end of the siege, the entire town is in a state of chaos.

I found the book to be depressing, as I believe this scenario could easily happen in real life. Box up people that have done nothing wrong, cut off all communication with the outside world, and do it indefinitely, and people will start freaking out. Even though I knew the story was a novel, it left me feeling tense. This is not something to read if you are trying to relax.


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