Damper Time



Today seemed like a good day to run to the hardware store and get a furnace damper. In the winter, heat billows into a closet directly over the furnace, which means the other rooms get less. Our oldest son Josh had volunteered to close off the heating pipe that leads to the closet. Just pick up a 6” damper at the hardware store, he said, and I’ll install it for you.

So off to Menards. There I found 5-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch dampers, but no 6-inch dampers. When I asked a clerk, she said they would have to special order it, and it could take up to two weeks to arrive at the store.

On to the next closest hardware store, Home Depot. There I found not one, but two different kinds of 6-inch dampers. I put both of them on top of a large box that was standing in the aisle, snapped a picture of the two, and sent it to my son’s phone. While I was doing this, a short man was pacing the aisle, looking at me with irritation. I called Josh and asked him to look at the picture and tell me which one he wanted. He told me which one to buy and I hung up.

The guy was still looking perturbed. Was the box on the floor his? I snatched up the dampers, and put away the wrong one. Then the guy started pointing at the price on the edge of the shelf, and a box below it, as if asking if it was the right one. I wasn’t sure if he was deaf or unable to speak English. I pointed to the specs on the box, and pointed to the same numbers on the price sticker. Yes, I think this price goes with this box. Then he looked at me silently, spat vigorously onto the floor, and walked away!

Did he think I was a store employee? Am I the only one who has weird encounters at the store?


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