While I was out walking…


While I was out walking downtown, I saw this display on the west side of the First United Methodist Church. It simply says: “Choose gratitude”. Just two words, but they say so much.


2016-09-23 Fountain St church b.jpg

One of the original doors of the Fountain St. Church. A giant could walk through these doors. But why do they not have handles?



I walked into First Park Congregational Church and said to one of their guides, “Hey, I don’t remember that wall being there last year.”

His eyes lit up as he explained that during some remodeling, they had found this wall buried under some plaster. So here is the original wall from the 1800’s, with its tall skinny windows and peaked doorway.



Alas, there was no art inside St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, so there was no opportunity to see anything but the exterior.

If you go downtown to look at the Artprize entries, don’t forget to slow down and feast your eyes on some of the beautiful old buildings too.

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