Pete The Cat: Too Cool For School (2014)

Pete The Cat Too Cool For School


Ah yes, it’s the first day of school again! Kids everywhere scrambled out of bed this morning, getting up much earlier than they had for months. They ate their breakfasts with parents, grandparents, or caregivers hovering over them, reminding them to eat everything since it’s a long time till lunch. Then there was tooth-brushing and hair-combing and making sure the backpacks were set by the door. But the big decision of the day was probably what to wear for that all-important first day of school.

Even Pete The Cat had trouble deciding what to wear to school. In this easy reader, he listens as one person after another tells him what he should wear. So he tries to do what everyone says, and ends up looking ridiculous. In the end, Pete just picks an outfit that he likes, and goes with it. This is a great book to read at the end of the day, after your little ones tell you all about their first day at school.
There are a number of people who have read this book aloud on youtube, but I liked this dad’s reading the best:


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