September 1, 2016

David Goes To School

Life is full of doors opening and closing, stages beginning and ending, opportunities coming and going, with the occasional second chance at something. This morning I got my grandson off to daycare for the last time. It had been a routine – feed him breakfast, put him in the car, sign him into the log-book, and walk him down the hallway to his play area. Some days it was agonizing, as he wrapped his little arms around my legs and begged me not to go, tears rolling down his cheeks. But for months now, he has cheerfully popped out of the car, begged to ring the bell at the front door, and run down the hall to meet his friends. Sometimes he didn’t even look back at me. This afternoon I will pick him up from daycare for the last time, and he will move on to a new stage in life – regular school.

Last night we went to his open house. Little guy loved his classroom immediately, and did not want to leave. When we said it was time to go, he said, “Why?” I think he would have camped out there overnight if we’d let him. It’s obvious that he’s more than ready to tackle school.

It’s the first day of September, a fresh page in life. Whether you’re beginning something different this month, or just continuing on with your usual routine, today can be the start of something beautiful in your life. Thank Jesus for the blessings, and lean on Him for the burdens. Above all, enjoy life!


Author: alwaysreading2014

I'm just a person with an intense love for reading!

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