Stranded In Paradise – by Lori Copeland (2002)

Stranded In Paradise


Tess is expecting a big promotion at work. Instead, a friend of the boss gets the job. To make things worse, her current position is being eliminated, and an ultimatum given: take a lower position or be terminated. In her dazed state, Tess walks out on the job, but not before grabbing the plane tickets on her desk. She was scheduled to take a business trip to Hawaii. The ticket is not refundable or transferable, so why not enjoy a vacation before looking for another job?

A trip to Hawaii should be relaxing and fun, but everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. It starts with Tess spraining her ankle before she even makes it onto the plane. After that, it’s just one mishap after another. But mixed in with the mishaps are some great people who become friends and turn the trip into a positive experience. The book is a great reminder that God is with us through the rough times, and He sends people into our lives just when we need them.


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